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Smart waist and abdomen massager GD-YF-05A

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2014 is the year when Kungfuli came into existence with the objective of conveying the real meaning of healthcare to its local and international clients. People-centeredness and Innovation have been our principle since the time of our existence. We offer a broad range of healthcare, personal, and beauty products to our diverse clientele. We have a competitive edge in the market due to our research, quality, and customer support service. Due to these reasons, we have become among the high-ranked abdominal massager manufacturers in China today. 

What Sets Our Abdominal Massager Apart?

Choosing us will give you the quality customer experience you have not been able to find yet. Our well-designed abdominal massagers help with digestion and gastric issues, etc. As among the top-level abdominal massager manufacturers, our customers are very happy and satisfied with the benefits of our product. 

Benefits of Using Our Abdominal Massager

Suitable for All Ages

Our abdominal massager is completely safe for people of all ages. There is no specific age factor for using Kungfuli’s abdominal massager. We tend to make massagers suitable for every age as being on the list of the high-ranked waist massage manufacturers in China.

Massage Stone Therapy

Our abdominal massager produces ultrasonic waves and infrared rays on your body which helps with blood circulation, balances your body’s pH, and is the best for massage stone therapy. 

Enhanced Resistance to Diseases

We, as your well-known abdominal massager manufacturers in China, make sure that our massagers enhance the resistance of your body against all kinds of diseases. 


This working principle of the product is to send movement signal to human skin via this product to exercise the lumbar and abdominal muscles.
As well as by regulating the intensity and pattern of low frequency, aadding Graphene heating to ccelerate fat movement,promote blood circulation, relieve pains and aches on your neck,shoulder, hands, back, leg or foot,Tighten andstrengthen the muscle of your body,
and relieve fatigue, Dissolving excess fat and finally to meet become the healthy person. Ergonomically designed, 3D intelligent lamination technology,beautiful and scientific, fitting with waist and abdomen curve,
App remote control, LCD display, USB magnetic attraction charging and user friendly,making use more convenient.

Synchronous fitness integrating Graphene hot compress, Dual Pulse Relief Tech effcient complex energy field.



Dual Pulse Relief Tech:
Low frequency dual pulse has a great effect on waist and abdomen pain relief & recrudescence,
1 pulse for promoting blood circulation & improving muscle stiffness while another pulse for eliminating other parts of the body fatigue & chronic pain, which is better than traditional physical massager. The massage patch and Foot massage tablet is extra gift that you can use on neck,shoulder, hands, back, leg or foot.

2 modes of automatic combined electric pulse massage and 4 kinds of manual electric pulse massage are selectable according to different demands,
applicable to much broader users.

Graphene Hot Compress:
Hot compress is able to promote blood circulation and accelerate fat movement,
low, medium and high temperature are adjustable based on demands and environments.


Nowadays more and more people are suffering from great pressure after long-time desk work or smartphone use,
which leads to body parts pain, fatigue, stiffness, chronic pain etc. dual pulse massager and heat relaxes the stressed muscle, promotes blood circulation and relieves pain, what’s more it help improving your sleep quality.

3 Heat Modes, 6 Pulse + 15 Intensity:
Smart waist and abdomen relaxation device comes with 3 heat modes, Low/Standard/High Heat,
which can be 113°F,122°F,131°F(45℃,50℃,55℃). Besides there’s 6 massage/pulse modes and 15 intensity for your choice,
you could start on a lower level and build it up to find best comfort.

A person with a pacemaker/cancer/on medication (i.e., chemo) should not use this device.