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Cordless Heated Waist Belt plus GD-YF-03A

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ExtraOrdinary Waist Massage Manufacturers

Kungfuli came into existence in 2014 with the purpose of conveying the real meaning of healthcare to its customers. In addition to being among the extraordinary waist massage manufacturers, we make products related to beauty and personal care. Our medical control systems are very widely used in local and overseas markets. We strongly follow the quality standards of our company. Our main principles involve Innovation plus people-centeredness. 

What Sets Our Waist Massage Manufacturers?

Being on the top list of waist massage manufacturers, we use advanced technology and the latest scientific achievements along with the current lifestyle trends to achieve our aim of delivering you a lifestyle that revolves around health. Apart from manufacturing waist and neck massagers, we also fall among the advanced quality heating pad manufacturers in China.

Benefits of Our Waist Massagers

Special Design

Our waist massagers are specially designed for you to use easily and comfortably. They have an auto shut-off function where the massager turns off itself after 30 mins. This makes it safe for our customers to use. 

Convenient to Use

We have a portable USB charging device that is very convenient for you to use anywhere you want including home, workplace, university, etc. 


The fabric of our waist massagers is quite soft for you to wear. We, as the high-ranked waist massage manufacturers, want our customers to feel comfortable wearing our product. 

Digital Display

Our waist massagers have an internal digital display and battery. You can charge it for a max 3 to 4 hours for full power.


This menstrual pain relief device contains too many black technologies. Graphene heating is safe, healthy, and effective. Auto shut off, Digital display, automatic memory, fast charging, tact switch control, beep sound, Standard cloth bag, and USB magnetic attraction charging and waistband adjustable make it more convenient for you to use in the office, home, and school.

It has five heating modes and five vibration massage modes. After using our electric heating pad,
can effectively relieve your physical discomforts, such as abdomen pain, menstrual pain, and waist pain.



Gift PackageHigh:
quality packing box is also a perfect Christmas present for your girl friend, sisters, mother and wife.

Auto Shut Off:
The menstrual heating pad is designed to automatically shut down.
Our period heating pad will automatically turn off after 30 mins when you have not made any operation on it.
Take care of you and help relief pain to fall asleep during use,ensure your health and safety.

Portable & Adjustable:
This cute portable heating pad device uses USB charging which is more convenient for you to use in office, home, school.
Considering different waistline, the waist band is adjustable up to 50”

Power On:
Short press the “Power”switch to turn on the heating pad,after three seconds it will heat up.
Default low temperature Or run in the last mode.

Heat Temperatures:
After power on,Press the “temperature”tact switch to adjust the massage mode.There are 5 temperatures, 104、113、120、131、140℉ (40、45、50、55 and 60℃).

High-frequency Vibration Massage:
After power on,Press the tact switch again to adjust the massage mode., choose one you like best.
There are five high-frequency vibration massage modes (3000、3800、4600、5400 and 6200 rpm/Min.),
Interval time of vibration smart change.

Internal fast charging and automatic memory:
Compare with last generation menstrual pain relief device,
in addition to the built-in battery and digital display,
the device also uses fast charging and automatic memory functions. It is more convenient to carry and use.
Charging it for about 2 hours to full power.

Note: Device x1; Charging cable x1; Cloth bag x1; Elasticity Waist Belt x1;English user manual x1; Safe Design.
This device would shut down automatically after about 30 Minutes constantly working.
If you want to continue using it, just turn it on again. Besides,
If you feel the temperature is too high,
You can put a piece cloth bag between device and your belly.