Abdominal Massager Manufacturers

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Best Quality Abdominal Massager Manufacturers

2014 is the year when Kungfuli came into existence with the objective of conveying the real meaning of healthcare to its local and international clients. People-centeredness and Innovation have been our principle since the time of our existence. We offer a broad range of healthcare, personal, and beauty products to our diverse clientele. We have a competitive edge in the market due to our research, quality, and customer support service. Due to these reasons, we have become among the high-ranked abdominal massager manufacturers in China today. 

What Sets Our Abdominal Massager Apart?

Choosing us will give you the quality customer experience you have not been able to find yet. Our well-designed abdominal massagers help with digestion and gastric issues, etc. As among the top-level abdominal massager manufacturers, our customers are very happy and satisfied with the benefits of our product. 

Benefits of Using Our Abdominal Massager

Suitable for All Ages

Our abdominal massager is completely safe for people of all ages. There is no specific age factor for using Kungfuli’s abdominal massager. We tend to make massagers suitable for every age as being on the list of the high-ranked waist massage manufacturers in China.

Massage Stone Therapy

Our abdominal massager produces ultrasonic waves and infrared rays on your body which helps with blood circulation, balances your body’s pH, and is the best for massage stone therapy. 

Enhanced Resistance to Diseases

We, as your well-known abdominal massager manufacturers in China, make sure that our massagers enhance the resistance of your body against all kinds of diseases. 


This working principle of the product is to send movement signal to human skin via this product to exercise the lumbar and abdominal muscles.
As well as by regulating the intensity and pattern of low frequency, aadding Graphene heating to ccelerate fat movement,promote blood circulation, relieve pains and aches on your neck,shoulder, hands, back, leg or foot,Tighten andstrengthen the muscle of your body,
and relieve fatigue, Dissolving excess fat and finally to meet become the healthy person. Ergonomically designed, 3D intelligent lamination technology,beautiful and scientific, fitting with waist and abdomen curve,
App remote control, LCD display, USB magnetic attraction charging and user friendly,making use more convenient.

Synchronous fitness integrating Graphene hot compress, Dual Pulse Relief Tech effcient complex energy field.


Air Purifier Manufacturers

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Exclusive Quality Air Purifier Manufacturers

Are you worried about the air you breathe at home? Do you feel like you are having trouble breathing? If so then you have come to the right place. Kungfuli established in 2014, has been dedicated to delivering the true meaning of healthcare to its customers. We primarily focus on the production of household massage devices, medical control systems, beauty, and personal care products, etc. We work on the principle of innovation and people-centered products and services. With our outclass quality and customer service, we have become among the top air purifier manufacturers.

Benefits of Our Air Purifier

Enhances Air Quality

Kungfuli’s air purifier removes harmful particles like toxins from the air you breathe. Our product enhances the quality of the air so that you can breathe fresh and healthy air.

Best Value

Being one of the well-known air purifier manufacturers, we make sure to make products that provide value for money to our customers. It is the best for your daily air quality concerns.

Ultimate Protection

Our air purifiers provide the utmost protection for our chemically sensitive customers. Our air purifiers are completely safe for everyone to use.

360 Degree Design

Kungfuli’s air purifiers are of quality 360 Degree Design. It purifies all the air around you. Our air purifiers clean the air from even the areas close to the floor, making it healthy for the toddlers to breathe.

If you are looking to maintain a healthy home environment, Kungfuli’s air purifier is your go-to product. We know about the increase in viruses these days and we have air purifiers that protect your family from all the infections. 


Refresh Your Air Today: Still struggling with allergy symptoms and unwanted odors?
Breathe clean air with the effective this desktop True Air Purifier—helping to improve overall health. Perfect for pet owners,
babies, children, the elderly, or anyone wanting to improve the air quality in their home, office or hotel room.
The perfect holiday, birthday, house-warming gifting choice for parents, adult children, colleagues, and friends.

Cordless Heated Waist Belt Professional GD-YF-02A

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This menstrual pain relief device contains too many black technologies. Graphene heating, it is safe, healthy and effective.Auto shut off,Digital display,tact switch control,beep sound,Standard cloth bag and USB magnetic attraction charging and waist band adjustable make it more convenient for you to use in office, home, school.

It has three heating modes and three vibration massage modes.After using our electric heating pad, can effectively relieve your physical discomfort, such as abdomen pain, menstrual pain and waist pain.

Cordless Heated Waist Belt(Basic) GD-YF-01A

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This menstrual pain relief device contains too many black technologies. Graphene heating, it is safe, healthy and effective.
Auto shut off,tact switch control,beep sound,Standard cloth bag and USB magnetic attraction charging and waist band adjustable make it more convenient for you to use in office, home, school.

It has three heating modes and three vibration massage modes.After using our electric heating pad, can effectively relieve your physical discomfort, such as abdomen pain, menstrual pain and waist pain.


Cupping Instrument and Scraping Instrument

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Top-Quality Cupping Instrument Manufacturers

With the objective of offering the real meaning of a healthy lifestyle to people, Kungfuli came into existence. People-centeredness and Innovation are key principles of Kungfuli since its establishment in 2014. Our main products fall under the category of beauty and personal care. We also manufacture medical instruments and different types of massagers. We are among the top-ranked cupping instrument manufacturers in China. We claim to be the best in delivering you a healthy lifestyle along with fashion trends. 

Why You Should Choose Our Cupping Instrument?

We believe in delivering nothing less than the best quality products and services to our customers. We have set high standards for the quality of our products and we make sure to meet them every time. We work hard to build long-lasting relationships with our clients by earning their trust. Apart from the medical instruments and beauty products, we are also on the high-ranked list of abdominal massager manufacturers in China. 

Benefits of Using Our Cupping Instrument

Enhances Overall Health

Our cupping instruments enhance your overall health by eliminating energy blockages. It relaxes your muscles and gives you relief from pain. 

Cupping Therapy

Being among the listed Chinese cupping instrument manufacturers, we follow the traditional Chinese practice for treating many conditions. Cupping therapy is one of the popular Chinese practices. 

Easy to Use at Home

We make kits that you can easily use at home by yourself. There is a manual with every product that we deliver to our customers. You can read it for your understanding. 

High-Quality Scraping Instrument Manufacturers

Kungfuli, a leading company in personal care, beauty, household massager, and medical instruments was established in 2014. The reason for our reputation in the market of scraping instrument manufacturers in China is due to our deep research, development, production, and service. We manufacture products that promote a healthy yet fashionable living style for our customers. Our principles revolve around Innovation and people-centeredness. We claim to be the best when it comes to improving your lifestyle in every way. 

What Sets Our Scraping Instrument Apart?

Kungfuli supports a healthy future for customers all around the world. From our research staff to our expert scraping instrument manufacturers, we all collaborate to work with the goal of making our customers extremely satisfied with our quality. We use a combination of research skills and cutting-edge technologies to bring a positive and healthy change to your lives. 

Benefits of Our Scraping Instrument

Top Results

Our scraping instrument is best for enhancing the circulation of blood. They provide a healing environment for your soft tissue. You can use it to get relief from tension.

Quality Products

We, as one of the top scraping instrument manufacturers in the market, never fail to deliver quality to our customers that match the standard. 

Customer Satisfaction

We never leave our customers unsatisfied. We constantly put in efforts until we make sure our customers are 100% satisfied with our products and services. 

Wide Range of Products

We have a wide range of products having different sizes so that the customers can choose according to them. Our regular customers know that we are also known for offering a broad range of products as the leading cupping instrument manufacturers. Just like with other instruments. 


AS COMFORTABLE AS A HOT TOWEL: Melt away tension with relaxing muscle massage and soothing heat.
Relieves neck and shoulder stress and muscle tightness with combined relaxing electrical muscle stimulation and gentle soothing heating.
The easy-to-wear and hands-free massager fits snugly around the neck and can be worn while relaxing or sitting at a desk.
Neck Massager Built-in new thermostat, 100.4℉-118.4℉(38℃-48℃) warmly penetrates neck skin, deeply relaxes neck muscles.
Use for 15 minutes each time. Use twice a day. Relieve neck pain throughout the day,achieve deep relaxation of cervical spine.

Hair Cap for Hair Growth

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Prime Quality Hair Cap for Hair Growth

Kungfuli is a Chinese company that manufactures personal care and beauty products, household massage devices, medical control systems, etc. Apart from products like air purifiers, hair caps, and heating pads, we are also known among the high-quality knee massager suppliers. Innovation and people-centeredness have been our principle since our establishment in 2014. We have an edge over our competitors due to our outclass research and development, manufacturing, and service. We make products that promote a healthy yet fashionable living style. We are committed to delivering fashionable and healthy products for you to live a long life.

Why You Should Select Our Hair Cap?

Kungfuli’s main objective is to combine the latest trends with cutting-edge technological and scientific achievements. Our well-designed hair caps help you restore your hair by comfortably sitting at home. Our customers are very happy and satisfied to use our hair cap for hair growth. We focus on building a strong and long-lasting relationship with our customers.

Benefits of Our Hair Cap

Safe & Effective

Our hair caps are absolutely safe to use for you. We use the power of photo modulation to help you fight against hair loss. Our hair caps are extremely effective for hair growth. Whoever buys our hair cap for hair growth, always gets the best results.

Soft & Comfortable

The materials that we use to make our hair caps are very soft. You will not feel like something is annoying you. It will be very comfortable to wear for you for as long as you want. If you buy our hair cap for hair growth, you will love the material.

Different Sizes

We make hair caps in different sizes so that it is easier for being to wear them. Your comfort and satisfaction are what matter the most to us. 


Laser Hair Regrowth: Use 650~670nm Soft Light & LED for hair loss treatment,treating alopecia, receding hairline, balding & thinning hair to stimulate hair regrowth. This is low level lazer-therapy device,compared with traditional treatment of hair loss, this solution has more powerful, more convenient, painless, non-invasive effect.

Knee Massager GD-XG-01A

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This multi-functional knee massager is designed to relief soreness, discomfort for anyone suffering from any type of knee issues.
The built-in infrared light,laser light, multi-frequency vibration and heating pads which with an adjustables temperature(113°F-122°F-130°F) designed to ease stiffness and boost circulation,
with an automatic shut-off function for safety.